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Secure and Reliable Internet for your sensitive products

BouraDome offers the comprehensive solution you require to ensure both dependable and secure internet connectivity for your sensitive computer or system. Whether you are in an office or on the move, BouraDome delivers uninterrupted and trustworthy internet access through its multi-modem cellular router, meticulously engineered to function effectively across various deployment scenarios and environmental conditions.

Specifically designed to thrive amidst environments characterized by RF interference, transmitters, and even RF Jammers, BouraDome accomplishes this by seamlessly  transitioning  between cellular operators, adapting to evolving technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G), and navigating across multiple frequencies. Our distinctive integrated cybersecurity hardware and software solution, BouraDome, not only safeguards your systems against both known and unknown viruses, trojans, and cyberattacks
but also facilitates secure web browsing through advanced filtering mechanisms.

BouraDome Features

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Secure inbound communication

Using proprietary encryption to avoid sniffing attacks.

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Protection from Insider attack

Protects against any insider, including IT admin, by analyze and blocking abnormal behavior.

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Network transparent

Inline connectivity with low latency, creating safe connection without delays.

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Secure outbound communication

Bit-level traffic inspection

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Anti attack


Hidden from the attacker, hence can’t be attacked. Mislead the attacker by redirecting it to the “dummy server”.

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Constant connectivity

Works in high-speed moving cars.


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Preventing sensitive data from leaking out

Filter out suspicious content or content that may include sensitive data.

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Plug & play

Simply connect the USB to you PC. Leaving the LAN port free for other usages

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RF resistance

Sustain all sort of RF noises, including RF and cellular transmitters and even RF Jammer.



Main Components

- 2x LTE Cellular Modems
- 1x Secure communication module
- 4x SMA (with 4 SMA antennas )
- 4x SIM trays. (Minimum recommended use – 2 SIMs)
- 1x USB (Internet port)
- Power: 12v 3A (cigarette lighter plug)
Cyber security threat resistance
- Insider threats
- Password leakage\ theft
- SCADA threats

- Data breaches
- Zero trust
- Zero day
- Information leakage
- Denial of service
- Cryptojacking
- Ransomware
- Cyber espionage
- Supply chain
- Botnets
- Dimension: 150x150x150 mm
- Weight: 1.5 Kg

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