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Cracking the Code:
Innovating Monitoring for Unstoppable Security

Various methods are used to monitor maritime borders, including in-shore radar systems, satellites, patrol boats, airplanes, and civilian transponders. These solutions, however, have inherent limitations. Traditional monitoring and patrol techniques are vulnerable to weather conditions and other challenges since illegal vessels often have low radar footprints and can move swiftly.


Revolutionizing Maritime Security: BouraCyber’s Cellular SIGINT Solution

BouraCyber introduces an additional layer of early warning solutions based on cellular Signal Intelligence technology, whereby any cellular device present on a vessel serves as a beacon. The suggested approach encompasses a combination of in-shore and off-shore high-power cellular intelligence sensors deployed along the shoreline to maximize system coverage. Additionally, similar sensors are installed on patrol boats to enhance early warning capabilities.

The proposed solution simulates a cellular network signal, effectively attracting cellular devices in maritime areas. Subsequently, the received signals are analyzed to ascertain the distance between the cellular device and the system. This analysis enables the determination of a range
to the detected cellular device. As a result of the collaboration between various units within the system, the source of the signal can be triangulated.

The Global Challenge of Illegal Marine Traffic

Illegal marine traffic poses a significant challenge to coast guards and navies worldwide. Criminal and terrorist activities are often covered by illicit marine activities, breaching ocean borders and violating sovereignty. Drugs, weapons, and people are transported by illegal vessels, as well as illegal immigration and human trafficking.

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