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GeoX Phone Locator

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Passive Phone Locator

A cutting-edge phone tracker solution that sets a new standard in the world of tracking technology, GeoX is a unique homing device, enabling the detection and tracking of a mobile phone without using an Active system. Just enter a phone number and start Homing! 

With its seamless integration with phone numbers, there's no need to know the IMSI, ensuring hassle-free operation. 
GeoX operates silently in the background, fully undetectable and unnoticed, without relying on any downgrading technologies. With an astonishing range and exceptional accuracy, GeoX provides precise and reliable location data:

  • Unique technology

  • Standalone - no need for an Active system to trigger the phone

  • Works with Phone number - no need to know the IMSI

  • Teamwork mode – tracking using interconnected devices

  • Undetectable – fully passive

  • Unnoticed – No downgrading technologies

  • All technologies 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

  • Long range – 2Km

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