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Intelligence cyber security professionals

Operational Training Programs


Accelerating Your Team from Beginners to Experts

The constant turnover of team members due to employee attrition and new hires poses a significant problem in maintaining a skilled and cohesive workforce, in operating advanced technology and equipment effectively. Security intelligence institutions seek a trustworthy training solution that can turn beginners into experts, fostering seamless operations and maximizing their overall effectiveness.

At BouraCyber, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, years of experience, and special tools in the domain of cellular intelligence. We believe that better training leads to better operation, and we understand that knowledge and experience need refreshing and boosting for your existing agents and especially for new ones. 

Our operational training programs include:

  • Technology & System Introduction

  • Operational Methodoligy & Scenarios

  • Complimentary advanced tools for capability enhancement

  • Field training with hands-on experience of system& equipment

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