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Tailored Solutions for Defense Excellence

BouraCyber Solutions leads in providing customized drone solutions defense and tactical organizations. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our tailored drone systems designed to precisely meet operational needs. Recognizing the critical nature of defense applications, we collaborate closely with clients to enhance situational awareness and reconnaissance capabilities.

BouraCyber Solutions is your trusted partner for advancing technological prowess through
bespoke drone solutions, ensuring mission success with innovation and client satisfaction.


Drone Hardware Specifications- Onyx-A

BTS - Up to 2 SDRs
Networks - Supports 2G, 3G, 4G (FDD/TDD) and 5G NSA
Transmission Power - Up to 1 W peak
<160W consumption
Hot-swappable batteries
Local operation over Wi-Fi
Remote control over cellular link
Weight - 2.25 Kg
Run-Time - 1 Hour (typical usage)



In addition to our cutting-edge drone solutions, BouraCyber also offers comprehensive training services essential for optimizing the reliability and efficiency of unmanned aerial systems. Unlike conventional aircraft, military drones operate at various altitudes, demanding skilled pilots for precise control and operation. Our training programs are meticulously designed to empower personnel with the expertise needed to harness the full potential of these advanced systems, ensuring seamless integration and mission success.

Insurance Coverage

BouraCyber Solutions holds an aerial operating license for unmanned aerial vehicles issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (RATA). The process of granting the license to the company is a long and challenging process that requires understanding and extremely high standards. This license provides the highest level of professionalism and safety in the world and gives the possibility to insure all the aircraft in the company’s possession with third-party insurance with coverage of up to NIS 5,000,000, which allows the client peace of mind when performing the work.


BouraDrone Features

Supported Bands

2G, 3G, and 4G/5G (NSA)


2.9 kg


Intel i7, Gen.6


14.4 V, 49.7 Wh

Operating Time

cca 1 hour

Data link

Based on Drone’s link (up to 8 km)

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