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Intelligence cyber security professionals

FieldTech Training Bootcamp

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Field Agents


The FieldTech Training Bootcamp includes:

Cellular Insights

Our advanced equipment enables field agents to access data and insights from cellular networks, providing crucial information for decision-making and operational efficiency.

Operation readiness

Facilitating system readiness, diagnosing, and troubleshooting in the field by equipping users with tools, knowledge, and tips.

Covert Operations

Providing ideas and solutions to keep your missions discreet and keeping field agents undetected while gathering critical intelligence.


Providing tools and methods for creating and managing a team for precise and quick operations.

Scenario simulation

Simulating and training on field scenarios in the class and in the field, using special tools allowing training without violating RF nor privacy regulation, using it anywhere at any time. 

Complimentary tools

Providing tested & trusted 3rd party complimentary equipment to boost your operation.

At BouraCyber, we provide comprehensive cellular intelligence training that equips your agents with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel in their missions. Our tailored training programs ensure your agents are prepared to face any challenge with confidence and efficiency, keeping them ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of cellular intelligence.

Program Structure

Up to 10 members

Class equipped with projector/large screen

Car for every 4 members




New agents will go through a crash course of cellular introduction following by system introduction, while experience users will use it to refresh their memory.

  • Day 1
    Rules of thumb Movement Stationary, moving or both (interval mission). Positioning Best locations to position the system. Covertness Both RF and physical covertness. Team Create, train, educate, deploy & manage the team. Tools Having and using the right tools.
  • Day 2
    CONOPS theory Handle common scenarios. Field training Location finding.
  • Day 3
    Field training Entire mission simulation. Q&A
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